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Vow Movie, around 5-7 mins for each, is tailored for each couple. With Vow movie, we turn your wedding banquet to be a customized, cheering and exhilarating night. We hold a firm belief that each couple has lots of unforgettable and touching moments they cherish and willing to share with others. We aim at presenting those fabulous and precious moments to them as well as to their beloved and loving people through our delicate production. From script, shooting, editing to sound effect and music composing, we provide one-stop service to turn spectacular stories to a vivid, sensational march-in video.
We capture every destined couples in the city and cohere all the affectionate moments, colorful life and memorable scene in your love story. With our creativity and stylish post-production effect, we blend in all your romance and vow into the pictures. We are definitely your right choice for wedding photo shooting, bringing you a unique wedding album which captures the most unsurpassed day in your life.
Please choose Vow Production to record and keep your big day’s memory. Our dedicated and professional shooting teams are ready to catch each precious moment on your wedding day. We promise to turn your perfect day into a video through sensitive and flexible camera for you to keep a life-long time.
With Love Song, brides and grooms can choose to sing their love to each other. We will take you to a studio and record your song with the help of a music producer. What a surprise and sensation it will be when your sweetie sees you singing your love with all your heart!
A self-made love cake is also a good choice to show love and express gratitude to parents. We will prepare a course for couples to learn how to make a cake and record the whole process and all happy moments during the course. We will also interview couples during the course, giving them a chance to express their love to parents. How touching it will be if a real cake instead of the fake one appears in the wedding night with the VCR that couples are expressing their gratitude to their beloved.
Do you want to express your love with action? Do you want to give your sweetie a romantic feeling? Do you want to invite all your friends and relatives to act with you? Then choose music video. We will record and produce a specific music video alive with happy and romantic atmosphere for you and your love.
It’s said the most touching moment is the time that Vow Movie is showed, and the most joyful moment is your Vow Movie shooting day. Film shooting is a fun and unforgettable thing. So, we provide Vow Snap to couples. The photographers will capture joyful moments for you during Vow Movie shooting to record moments both in your reality and your love story. In future, with Vow Snap you can chew and taste each fabulous moment happened on the shooting day. 
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