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  Q: How long does it take to complete a vow movie?  
  A: Actually, it takes only 1 day for shooting. However, to complete a vow movie, it may take from 3days to 6 months, because we need to do lots of preparation before shooting and do lots of post-editing stuff after shooting. We will write script, choose shooting venue and prepare properties before your movie shooting. After shooting, we will do post editing for you, including music, colour adjusting and subtitle. Although it may take a long time to complete, our production team will do all the things for you, no need to take your efforts. All you need to do is to enjoy your shooting, and then a tailored movie will belong to you.  
  Q: Before chatting with directors, do we need to construct a story by our own?  
  A: Not necessary. Normally couples have experienced a lot of unforgettable moments from first sight to marriage. However it’s hard for you to recall this moments within minutes. So, Vow will arrange a meeting for you to have a casual chat with our directors. During chat, our directors will listen to your love story by heart and then they will do script writing for you according to your own love story.
Please remember that, without exciting moments doesn’t mean no touching moments. Our directors will use exciting plots to release your sweet moments, even a simple word, a simple smile.
  Q: we don’t have any shooting experience before and we are afraid of stage fright. So, will our performance turn to be unnatural?  
  A:It’s no need to be concerned. Let’s put it that way: if you two are going to play roles of villains, it’s going to be rather difficult, because you are acting others not yourself. However, in vow movie, all you need to do is just be yourself. You just need to be relaxed and natural, and our directors will capture your performance silently. Therefore, normally, your performance is beyond your imagination.  
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